Teen Sues Parents to Keep Pregnancy

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A teen is suing for the right to have her baby after her parents informed her she would not be allowed to have a child. Both pro-choice as well as pro-life supporters have expressed discouragement over the circumstance in Texas, where the 16 year old’s parents allegedly used threats and coercion to attempt to require her to obtain an abortion.

A judge has currently provided a short-lived restraining order to the teen, whose name was not exposed to the general public in court papers since she is a minor. The teen, that was nine weeks pregnant when she informed her parents about the maternity, had been living with her granny for a number of months before becoming pregnant.

While abortion centers will not do an abortion on a resistant patient, despite whether anyone else believes they need to get an abortion, the girl in this situation was still terrified. According to her court testament, her grandparents and parents actually had a discussion about “slipping” an abortion tablet right into her food or beverage in order to create a miscarriage.

The parents of the teen told her that her “only option” was having an abortion, according to claims made in acquiring a short-term restraining order. Since she refused to consent to an abortion, she was kept from her car and from school by her parents. They additionally started harassing the father of the unborn child and repeatedly intimidated them, according to court files.

According to legislation in many states, minors that wish to acquire abortions have to get parental consent other than in very minimal situations. Nevertheless, since abortion centers will not accept clients that so not want an abortion themselves, there is no specific regulation that would stop this kind of reproductive browbeating.

The teen’s lawyers state that the precedent established in the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade proves that she must have the right to make her very own choice regarding whether to terminate her pregnancy. The restraining order from the judge blocks her parents from doing anything to cause her to lose her pregnancy at the very least until the lawsuit is over.

Considering the teen’s gestation, it is really unlikely that she would have the ability to legitimately abort after the verdict of lawsuit. Medical abortions ( kind induced with abortion pills) are commonly only readily available up until week 8 or 9 of the pregnancy, as well as it ends up being considerably more difficult and also pricey to get abortions past the 12 week mark that represents the completion of the first trimester.